Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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Check Out This Sketchy Ass Massage Game For The Wii

I feel like the Wii has just given up or perhaps gotten tired of making the same old god damn game. Developers are tired of making big-headed circular characters that swing tennis rackets and fight Bowser. This game appears to represent the "wash" that is effectively being called by Nintendo.

Dudes in the developing room are just seeing what sticks out there. Just sitting in a board room saying:

"Hey, you think it'd be cool if we made a game with a naked chick that you can massage?" "Sounds good to me man, I truly don't give a shit anymore"
"Let's slap an "E" rating on it and see if anyone notices how wrong that is"

Kudos to you gentlemen. Just not giving a fuck about your jobs anymore. Suddenly those wife and kids at home don't seem that important when you just wrapped up making "Wii Sports Emporium 9."

Expect some crude and questionable games from the Wii in the near future...

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