Monday, August 2, 2010

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WMD Hires It's First Intern

Meet Chester, the new piece of shit intern just recently put on WMD's extensive payroll. He's your typical bright-eyed, bushy-tailed college kid that was looking for something to put on his resume. Things were getting a little crazy in the office and Craw and I decided we needed some help. Why not add Chester? He had a solid resume, went to a good school, and just loved to party and have a good time Wednesday-Sunday. Plus, he doesn't have any arms so he can't take any of my snacks. Because you know I have a ton of snacks surrounding me at all times. The best part though, is the fact that he has not one leg to his name. Just a lever-pulley system operating all movements.

Guess what Chester? You're working a 17 hour workday tomorrow. You can't say shit about it because who's wheeling your ass to McDonald's for daily Dub Cheesys? Yeah, I thought so.

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