Friday, August 20, 2010

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It's All Luck - Just Hoping for 6-of-10

So many emotions in a matter of seconds. Instant gratification/humiliation with a side of what the hell just happened all at the same time. It's all about whether you wind up on the good side at least 6-of-10 in these make or break type situations.

I'll experience something like this a good 50 times on a golf course (which can actually range from 45-60...basically whatever I shoot in 9 holes). No one knows where my shots going...I could either find the green or knock out a clubhouse window...Just hope I'll be allowed to come back the next day.

Traffic lights...Does the guy in front of me slow down or gun it through when the light turns yellow...Do I follow or speed up myself? Am I late to work or do I show up five minutes early with donuts because I made such good time...or do I collect a ticket at the end of it all?

Lunch breaks at the office...Is it cool for me to slip out for an hour and enjoy...or do I stay at my desk to anticipate the next call. Everything's okay up until that build up on the walk back. Is it gonna be chill or am I sitting back down to five missed calls from customers with some choice words for me?

6-of-10 factor and you'll be alright. So in light of my delusional state its time to call it a night. Big weekend coming up. Enjoy it.

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