Sunday, August 15, 2010

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The Power of Google Talk Part 3

Another collection of conversations between me and co-blogger Dub Jeezy while making it through the 9-5. August discussions have ranged from casual NFL talk to texting strategies with a side of numerous hangover complaints. Hope you enjoy.

Dub J: thunder: team #2
also, did you see tom bradys hair last night?
Craw: shit
i was actually google imaging tom bradys hair and was gonna send you it
but then i had to work

Dub J: not feelin the greatest right now
i was a zombie by the end of the night
Craw: yeah
i just got bitched at by a customer cause his tickets didnt ship
its like come on dude...its a david gray concert relax
Dub J: hahah
im sitting here with like 4 glazed donuts and an iced coffee
just snapped at dunkin
havent touched a donut yet

Craw: are you down for the expendables tomorrow?
Dub J: more than absolutely
Craw: YES
Dub J: haha one of the movie critics said, "if explosions and awesome have a baby, it's the expendables"
Craw: haha my god
so theres a 2:15 showing with Digital Projection
Dub J: what does digital projection mean?
Craw: digital projection applies for all shows that are projected digitally rather than using conventional film
shows use one of several different technologies to provide maximum fidelity
a picture with impressive clarity, brilliance and color and a lack of scratches
fading and flutter
Dub J: what the fuck man

Dub J: i deleted my sent texts but kept my inbox
so i have some interesting responses to things i dont know what i said
Craw: to who
Dub J: random girl
Craw: nice
Dub J: but i read something that said, "youll have to ask my dog about that ;)"
Craw: hahahah
Dub J: like what

--Friday at 4:55--
Dub J: we've been throwing a squishy ball around for the past 45 minutes
it's been a straight wash

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