Monday, August 16, 2010

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How Awesome Is The Expendables Crew

USA Today summed up Sly Stallone's new project The Expendables as "gratuitously savage, implausible and sometimes incoherent." To me the ridiculous action was just that with a twist of unintentional yet sensational humor. There's not a lot that can beat out Stallone, Mickey Rourke and Co. with a spread of nachos and a hefty 80 oz fountain soda on a Saturday afternoon.

If you could choose any fictional crew to roll with to a brawl, it's clear that these senior superstars are your only choice. First of all it was good to see Stallone alive and well. He's fixed himself up a bit more since filming Rocky Balboa that's for sure.

The matchup of the movie has to go to Ivan Drago vs. Jet Li, a genuine battle displaying quickness and intelligence against sheer brute strength. The best scene was clearly Bruce Willis and Governor Schwarzenegger swearing at Stallone in a local Church. Terry Crews was brilliant throughout the entire film, enthusiastically taking out thousands of civilians like clockwork. The Expendables is a must see...just don't go in with too many expectations, sit back and enjoy all that is over the top.

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