Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Put Me on the Line for Albert Haynesworth

Day 7 at Redskins Training Camp and still no Albert Haynesworth on the practice field. Why? Because the dude still can't pass the initial conditioning test after boycotting offseason workouts. Pretty bold move for somebody who just signed a seven-year deal worth $100 million.

The test consists of two 300-yard shuttle runs that have to be completed in 70 seconds with a 3½ minute break in between. One day he was hiding in the bathroom for 20 minutes in between sets. Now his knee is bothering him because of the sprinting. Who in the Redskins front office isn't in tears right now reviewing his multi-million contract?

I love how Mike Golic from ESPN even took action and completed the test himself. Thats how fed up these reporters must be in regards to the same headlines. Everyday leads off with some new LeBron James shit with a side of Brett Favre and Haynesworth's fat ass. Shit...put a contract infront of me and I'll pass that test running backwards blindfolded 10 beers deep. No way in hell I'm playing football afterwards though...Five minutes on the practice field and its a wash.