Monday, August 23, 2010

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Who's In A Worse Situation?


Two seemingly unrelated pictures, two bad situations. With the gymnast it's clear what the situation is, but on the Chatroulette pic, the guy talking to the cat suit is clearly not doing well either.

Based on the picture, you have to assume that the chick about to crumble to her doom is definitely having the worst day of the two, but I like to dig a little deeper. You go on Chatroulette to meet chicks. Yup, even girls. You go on to meet chicks. Granted, you have to evade and dodge phallus like it's your job, but you will probably meet your goal in a couple hours. Imagine being on said quest and seeing cat dude. Your day was just ruined. In fact, your next three days have been attacked thoroughly. Cat dude will be that face you see when you close your eyes and the life you pity when you think about the sad people you met back in the day. Cat dude will stay with you.

So you decide. Clearly broken bones/possible death or eternal damnation at the hands of the eeriest cat guy on the web today?

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