Tuesday, August 3, 2010

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Took Far TOO Long To Realize How Awkward Of A Move This Is

I'm one of 7 heterosexual men that can dig a J. Bieber song. Kid puts out jams. Don't judge me. There is a tried and true formula to this--girls like the jams and if I am the closest best option to her white-15 year old-crush, then so be it. I'll bite that bullet as it's the cross that I bear. But whoa, what the fuck is this move?

I feel like I was roofied by the "Baby" video. Woke up with no idea what happened. J. Bieber, you were really dancing like that? You look like you have a gum on your shoe. A hitch in your step or something?

You're lucky "Somebody To Love" is a jam, because I'm fucking disgusted.

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