Friday, August 6, 2010

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Mexico's Trying To Cover Up The Fact It Has No Rules

Sometimes I see a picture and know it is going to be completely wrong for the post. Either it won't make too much sense or, in this case, it will offend people.

The reason why this picture is going to offend people is because this post is not about zombies terrorizing our friends down south. This about our friends down south neglecting basic medical practices and not realizing that a baby was alive until they were about to lock the casket. I am very happy the baby survived, but also dumbfounded at the inability of Mexican doctors to measure mortality. I feel like they did the ol' feel test that you or I perform when we are paranoid as shit. Like, "touch my head I think I have a fever" or "Feel my heartbeat. Does it feel fast to you." I've guessed 1000% of the time on those responses. You can't eyeball a baby and just say, "Eh, it's probably dead", shit's not ethical.

Reminds me of Spring Break '09. Constant propositions of drugs and prostitutes no matter where I went. The solicitors mainly inhabited what I like to call the 4 B's Of Spring Break: Beaches, Bars, Back-Alleys, and Burger King.

Mexico, the only place in the world where you can get offered a 250 Peso prostitute after you order a Rodeo Burger.

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