Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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I Get It, Sometimes You Just Got To Throw Away A Cat

I live in a neighborhood with VARIOUS woodland creatures. Namely a shit-ton of cats. Big cats, small cats, fat cats, sickly cats, basically every type of cat around. On my to and from work I estimate that I see about 5 of them just being sketchy as hell peering around corners. Early in the morning, there aren't many people around, sometimes you're like, "Does anyone really care for this cat?" I'm a cat fan too. Own a fat orange sunuvabitch named Garfield and love him to death. If Garfield was routinely leaving, being sketch on the streets, and being poorly groomed/gross, I wouldn't be too upset to find him meowing in a nearby trash bin. Thing about Garf though is that he'd be fine with the new bin setting--real chill cat.

Probably form a thought-bubble typical of the comic-strip version of Garfield filled with "Zzz"s within like 45 seconds of being dumped.

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