Friday, August 20, 2010

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Did Anyone Know You Can Scare A Rabbit To Death?

^big tree, fall hard

So one of my co-workers mentioned the fact that you can legitimately kill a rabbit if you scare it bad enough. Normally I'd call bullshit on something like that, but this kid seemed scarily knowledgeable on methods of killing woodland creatures. Basically that kid who doesn't say anything, then will randomly drop, "You know you can kill a rabbit if you scare it really bad" at around 9:08 on a Friday morning.

I'm not going to lie, I'm intrigued by this. Not in the creepy, I kill animals and will end up a serial killer way, but moreso from the science standpoint. My other buddy mentioned at lunch that someone messed up when it came down to rabbit evolutionary progression. Like dropped the fucking ball. I mean, the one time I got scared in my life, I was still able to produce basic life functions. These things just freeze up with fear and proceed to have a life-endingly severe stroke. Pretty gruesome. Someone upstairs fix the rabbit medula-oblongota please??

What I'd like to think here, is that I saved you about 30 dollars in Snapple purchases so you can read that fact.

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