Monday, August 16, 2010

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A Battle In Which There Are No Losers

So glad I did that poll so I could post these pictures. This site is starved for some classy pictures of beautiful women.

This definitely sucked for Ari's wife. She would have placed anywhere else, but not in this two horse race. Actually, it was more like a one horse race with me frantically jumping on every IP address I could to vote for Alex, but Blogger didn't let me. Sloan was just too strong out there. There aren't many girls on this planet that she would lose to either.

If you can tell me one (other than Alex aka Dania Ramirez), I will smack you in the face and respect you for having the balls to lie to my face. Have a good night and hopefully a good morning if you're checking these out at your desk. You'll have at least a moment of bliss before your boss creeps over your shoulder and you get fired.

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