Thursday, August 26, 2010

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Watch for Big Baby Getting Weird Out Here

Hopefully Celtics forward Glen Davis has been getting shots up lately, cause he's definitely campaigning to give newly acquired Shaquille O'Neal some off court competition. 98.5 The Sports Hub discovered Big Baby casually shopping for a handful of iPads after a trip to the movies. I assume the movies were involved based on the 3-D glasses he was still wearing with the frames popped out and tape around them to imitate Steve Urkel. As if we wouldn't recognize all 6'8 and 285 of Davis, he's gotta be in costume to make sure we're aware.

Anyone following iambigbaby11 on Twitter? If you are then you would've got a free meal at Game On cause the dude offered it to anyone who would join him and his mom for dinner last week. God damnit I wish I saw that. Here are the lucky 10 people who actually took him up on it. Oh yeah and speaking of customs, check out Davis as Waldo in his basement playing guitar?

Other notable comments on Twitter include...
1) Cabots!! Is so good!!!!!!! Best ice cream ever!!! Hummmmmmmmm!! Ayo baby!!!!
2) What should I do today? Hummmmmmmm don't have !!! Ufc expo going on today!! I wanna go! Anybody knows what time it's starts?
3) Like for real ladies .. Y'all ain't got to lie to kick it with a brother!!! Just keep it real!! You know what I'm saying !! I!!
4) Like for real !! All that fake air in a bro food ! Y'all girls are crazy !! Don't try to make me food !! Then when I take a bit I got hair!!

Glen's also put in some time on YouTube singing and dancing...Who knows what's next. Let's just hope he's making enough trips to the gym on the side.

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