Friday, August 20, 2010

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Whatcha Got There D-Rose?

So Derrick Rose may not have an NBA title under his belt yet but what's Rajon Rondo gonna think when he sees this? God Damnit D-Rose. A Skittles machine? There's definitely a point guard rivalry going on in the midst of team USA practices but I hope the arguments don't stoop down to this level...

Rose: Whats good Rajon?
Rondo: Hey Derrick, just enjoying the fine taste of Red Bull and watching some tape.
Rose: Oh from the 2008 season...big surprise.
Rondo: Take it easy man, you'll get to the Finals sometime...but until then I'm the best though. You could argue that Fisher is the top PG as current champ but please...we all know where he's at. Plus 2K11 gave me a 99 self-esteem rating.
Rose: Is that right...Well check THIS. Everyday I refuel with my new custom Skittles machine. You ain't got shit on me Rondo...LeBron...Howard...shiiiiiitttt...King Kong ain't got SHIT on me...not with this new Skittles machine by my side anyway.

But at the end of it all we're gonna discover that Kobe has an entire food court in his living room. Who would've thought that Skittles could completely change the competitive nature of the NBA.

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