Monday, August 2, 2010

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Tryin' To Get Cast In That New Oregon Trail Movie

Yup, I had dysentery, cholera, drowned, and lead the league in snake bites and you best believe I am STILL Google searching for playable Oregon Trail games online. It was a game that truly tested your willpower and I refuse to let a movie be made about this game without me being at least considered for a minor role. This is like a real actor's version of "The Dark Knight." A can't miss opportunity really.

But for serious, this trailer is pretty accurate. The entire time I watched this trailer I was waiting for the "hunting" reference where basically you loaded up the game strictly to buy a shit ton of bullets, ammo, and shot the fuck out of buffaloes, squirrels, moose, and some rabbits. Basically putting woodland creatures into extinction and it being completely fine.

PS. I thought this was real for just about the entire trailer. It was a long weekend. Quite possibly still intoxicated.

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