Monday, August 16, 2010

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This Dunk Contest Is Straight Up Ridiculous

Remember back in 2002, when the "between-the-legs" dunk was the coolest thing you've ever seen? Now that shit is like a VCR. Just old and boring. Now dudes are jumping over other humans and various apparati (you like that word, I know you do)doing it. I'm pissed. Babies are being born and having the capabilities of doing between the legs dunks. I'll also add how ridiculous it is that I missed out on the "Dunking Generation." Instead I'm in the "We're going to be in a recession the better part of your life generation, so you're going to have to come up with crazy schemes like 'blogging' to have a sliver of a chance succeeding"...err something.

Seriously though, this dunk contest is awesome. Makes you really think how awful these guys must be at basic basketball skills with athleticism like that. Like if T-Dub can avoid dribbling the ball off his foot and Werm understands that 3 steps=traveling, I think these guys have a shot.

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