Thursday, September 16, 2010

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AI Better Off In China?

I think so. I mean look how good Stephon Marbury is doing out there. Dudes just promoting sneakers, draining 3's and raking in the millions. Iverson's personal manager Gary Moore is somehow surprised he hasn't received any calls from NBA organizations, saying "we're very astonished, to say the least, that not one team has contacted us with any interest. I just don't understand it."

Well I think AI would have a better shot at the league this year if he didn't throw a fit in Memphis last season when he wasn't starting. It also would've helped if he stayed a few more games after his dramatic return to Philadelphia. Either way, what's stopping him from joining Starbury in a land where fans simply don't know any better. They'll believe he's still in his prime running the show but in a different setting.  Time to sell out and move to China man. Future NBA career is out the window. Bring on the informationals.

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