Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Pimpin' Carrot Costume Currently Setting The Bar For Halloween

So last year was thought to be a success in terms of cool/ingenious Halloween costumes. In retrospect, I sucked again. I essentially wore a vest from the Salvation Army, some Navy pants, spray painted my hair together, and went "The Thong Song" on everybody's ass with my Sisqo costume. The plan seemed awesome because I was hammered and the costume was not difficult to pull off. A) Be black, B) Apprehensively spend $2.99 on silver hair spray, bingo bango.

Now, now?! I have fuckin' carrot man to deal with. Look how much he's KILLIN' it at the bar scene. Can't see a god damn thing and still pulling a not that bad girl. Impressive. This is one of those moments in life where you are really humbled/put in your place. I knew I've never been able to put together a great costume in my life, but I always hovered around the range of decent. Because of carrot man now, I have to truly step my game up. Like I have to come out in a god damn metal suit of armor and be King Arthur to compete this year. Ludicrous.

The Halloween scramble begins.

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