Wednesday, September 8, 2010

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You Probably Don't Need To Watch This, But I Did, So Just Do It For My Sake

Listen, I apologize to any of you who watched more than 15 seconds of this. I will send a fruit basket to those of you who watched 30 seconds. No one should have been subjected to whatever that was.

It was like watching "The Blob" run on a treadmill with a tank top and pigtails while trying to drink a gallon of milk in one minute. Just a measurement of your ability not to throw up in a "your probably going to throw up/should throw up situation." The new college kids these days should include the ol' "Watch this Hippopotamus kill that overplayed Katy Perry Song and chug this fuckin' milk without throwing up" game in the list of stupid stuff they do because "their in college."

Basically, this is that time of year where I really, really miss school. Jokes aside, I went back to school last weekend for our first football game and the band played "Dynamite." Fuckin' Dynamite. Come on ref, can I get a call?

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