Wednesday, September 1, 2010

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So Delonte Has Been A Secret Agent This Whole Time...It All Makes Sense

Good to see the Boston Celtics re-sign Delonte West, which completely solidifies the 2010-2011 roster as most interesting group of people the NBA has ever seen.

This is my philosophy on how it all went down...

We've now figured out that secret agent D-West is back from behind enemy lines and ready to openly compete alongside his fellow assassins. In 2007 it was Delonte battling in Boston before the major construction of the Big 3. As the Celts took home the NBA title in '08, we see Delonte struggling with the talented yet unsuccessful Cavaliers organization. But, as the Cleveland lineup grew stronger the following season, it was Celtics president Danny Ainge that stepped up to hold a secret meeting with his former glorified role player.

In that private discussion in the depths of the TD Garden they came up with one solution to put a stop to the force that could haunt the franchise in the years to kill the one they call King. Soon after...Delonte was pulled over while speeding in his Spyder Roadster with a shotgun in a guitar case strapped to his back (yeah...this actually happend). Needless to say....mission aborted.

The next plan of attack was to mess with his emotions...thus, finding a way for West to hookup with LeBrons mom. It's evident the plan followed through in light of LeBrons dismal performance in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Now that James has joined forces with Wade and Bosh in Miami, the Celtics have called upon West to join them back in Boston for a shot at Banner 18. Delonte's been bleeding Green all along, it just took us this long to realize he's still on our side. Stay tuned for additional chaos.

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