Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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What Is Up With This Jenks Dude?

Yo, Jenks, what's good man? I watched 1.5 episodes of your show and I went through a roller-coaster experience of liking it and wanting to uppercut you.

You're just that mega-chill Cali dude that believes he can solve all the worlds problems. Hey Jenks, I want to invite you into the life of Dub Jeezy. Think you can deal? Can you manage going to work on a Tuesday hungover as balls from a combination of Four Loko, red wine, and Bud Light? I don't think you can, because I didn't. How about your abilities to eat a needlessly large sub and struggling through the second half of the work day? I can't see you doing that without passing out in the bathroom stall next to me. I'd also like to see you and your HAIR try to get a seat on the god damn T. Not even Jenks can pull that off.

So listen MTV, cut the shit with sending this guy to hang out with a rapper, autistic kid, and some homeless chick (even though that's awesome) and have him roll with Dub "I Got That Itis" Jeezy for a weekend. See if he's the same.

Before you roll through, you best step up your Super Smash Brothers skills Jenks...

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