Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Overtime Is The Most Wack

^exact image of me at my desk. Dressed as Asian.

Window seats become less appealing, you hear weirder noises than you would from a condemned house in a horror movie, and you have the urge to steal the most shit imaginable. This folks is overtime. Sad part is, I’m about 3 hours from even experiencing this extra period of work and I’m already really dreading it. It’s a serious dilemma.

OT seems like a good idea the week before. You get in that batshit crazy mindset of, “Oh, overtime next Tuesday? I can do that easy” and you’re all about it. Just anticipating that next fat check without thinking of the repercussions. You see, I like to break the day up into halves. Despite what you may think you cannot have 3 halves. Something has got to give. By give, I mean we have to break this shit down into hockey periods, and if there’s one thing I dread, it’s comparing anything to hockey. I don’t know how to pace myself. My bathroom trips have to be extra calculated and my random moments of walking back in forth between the 3rd and 5th floor have a much higher chance of being noticed. It’s like my cloak of slacking has been removed.

Part one of the day consists of zombie’ing myself to productivity (clearly not today), with part two following up strong with slacking, jokes, and the occasional 15 minute sprint sesh of work. Now with OT, do I have to be less of a zombie or more of a zombie? Should I have gotten a little sauced at lunch? I don’t know (actually I do know, and the answer is yes despite how terrible of an idea it is). Could have rode that drunk into the sunset, aka the end of the real work day and fought/slugged through OT.

The kid Dub J has never been the best performer in any type of extra session. Throwing up before OT of HS basketball games, unable to hit that 3rd gear in extended football games, and simply refusing to participate in any type of extra-inning baseball scenario. If you see a building crumble on evening news in Boston tonight, it’s probably me literally bringing the company down.

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