Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Obscure Dreams Hitting Home

Wishing I could really look back and document some of these sketchy dreams. So big Craw's been on a diet in the new house. A few problems come in to play microwave...not enough money for more than PB & J sandwiches...temptation all around the house with my four other roommates going to work in the kitchen.

But that's neither here nor there...but the real problem lies within thoughts in my sleep. So last night I had a dream that I was locked in a room made up of food...everywhere. We are talkin' pizzas, wings, nachos, poppers, the works...

Turns out for everything I decided to eat...some form of larva would grow within me and I'd have to pull it out. What the hell is that all about? Gross. Disgusting. Revolting. Really, how does this dream come about? I thought people had bad dreams about getting kidnapped or stranded. You realize you're a fat kid when...Maybe I should just go ahead and treat myself to some buffalo chicken and call it a night.

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