Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Plummeting Draft Stock: Good Looking Dudes Getting Crushed By Lack Of Game And Poor Social Skills

As an amateur social scientist I've seen my fair share of social faux pas. If you've read 1/3rd of any blog on this site, you know I like to get after it more than enough. Mainly during the non-conventional days. Neither here nor there though.

My problem are dudes that by some stroke of God are unable to deal in the bar scene. I understand if you're fat, unfunny, or not cool, but if you're a solid looking dude you should at least be able to hold your own out there. I've been out with a couple individuals during this year and it's just glaring how weird people can be. Like sitting at the bar refusing to order a beer or be near other people. Just Omega males to a tee. Dudes that won't attempt returning eye contact, guys that will get after it via Ms. Pacman in the corner, dudes that will talk a girl's ear off and immediately ruin the attraction. NFL Draft analogy time.

These are the type of guys that for some reason didn't see the field even though they have all the measurables: Good looks, apparently solid lifestyle, and cool (Dub Jeezy) people around them. Some would assume these cats would dominate in the club setting. Then there's the NFL's drug policy, this dude-may-or-may-not-have-killed-somebody type of red flag that is the antisocial-ness. Like whoa, this 8 would probably get with you if you didn't dart to the pool table with only 3 quarters. You know you need $1.50. You KNOW.

I'm clearly a little pissed by this because these people tend to be near me freaking everyone out and creating what can only be described as a radioactive bitty force field that doesn't allow interaction.

When I become a life-coach, you best believe this is the first thing I'm tackling.

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