Thursday, September 30, 2010

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This Gym Ad Will Force You To Get Thin...Or You'll Die

I was at the gym today just not really working out as usual, and I thought about the elliptical. The elliptical is just a frustrating exercise machine. God NO I don't use them, but I observe people on them because..again, I don't really "work out." Way too many big people on them that aren't going that fast.

Here's why this gym is awesome. It'll force you to make some serious changes in your lifestyle, or else, you'll, you know, die--or become really familiar with angling. I can barely fit into that door and I am in impressive shape. Again, don't work out.

Working Man's Diary might need to get in contact with this gym and get some sponsorship/advertising deals done ASAP. Granted it looks super sketch, and may or may not be a gym at all, but we're in. And that's because when you search WMD on Google, you get Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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