Tuesday, September 14, 2010

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It Appears Bootleg Products Have Just Stopped Trying...

Hahaha. I don't get a giggle too much out of this blog because it's a piece of shit, but sometimes my internet hunts bring me to some ludicrous things. Like how concerned would you be if we were pregaming and I decided to pull out fucking John Daphne. Your head would pop off right? I know I would. So many things to discuss.

I guess the Polystation comes with a free loaded pistol? Sweet, if you're into killing and playing the fakest games imaginable with controllers made of gummy bears. I don't care how down on the dumps you are or how out of the loop your kid is..you can't in good conscience buy someone a god damn Polystation.

Imagine playing pickup and a dude in "Ballstars by Monica Sun" comes through and calls next. After you broke 2 ribs from laughing you'd have to assess the situation. I personally feel it'd be the equivalent of playing basketball with a person with two broken ankles. Just some X-Ray shoes that allow you to see the future tears and snapping that are going to take place. Those shits have to come with a Bluecross/Blueshield medical package.

I truly wonder if there is a group of bizarro bros ballin' in Ballstars, after an afternoon of some intense Polystation because they were fighting off their John Dapne hangover.

If this were the "Price Is Right", the total of these 3 products would have to be under $3 right?