Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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The Power of Google Talk Part 4

Another round of G-Chats between me and co-blogger Dub Jeezy during the daily 9-5. The more I read over these the more I realize how insanely stupid we actually are. So let's just get right to it.

Dub J: could be a weird question
but what's the point of a savings account
Craw: that's just the money you have
checkings is my money to spend
saving is what im worth
currently that net worth is low
Dub J: haha yeah it just sits there but what is it sitting there for
Craw: when you get a kid
or want to buy a house
or car
Dub J: oh god

Craw: "The summer was painful. Very painful, very dark," he said. "Not enough time [to forget the Game 7 loss], but we're back and it's good to be back. " - kevin garnett
did kevin garnett ever leave his dark basement this offseason?
Dub J: just a creepy dude
Craw: really creepy
Dub J: will he be ready to stop lebrons drive to the basket
one month from now
Craw: the heat scare the hell out of me
Dub J: me too the magic are going to get waffle stomped
dwight throwing up a weird hook - bosh rebounding - outletting to wade - wade and lebron make serious eye contact - ball in the air - reverse 360 jam
Craw: showtime
Dub J: time out van gundy - the NBA accepts it's fate
Craw: carmelo signs in miami next year for the veterans minimum

Dub J: i'm eerily pumped for Craw sunday dinner because i know it's going to be take out
Craw: if everyone likes chinese thats what i wanna do
Dub J: "guys i ordered 14 crab rangoon appetizer plates"
no soda or additional sides
just a table full of rangoons
Craw: 58 rangoons and 80 chicken wings
Dub J: quantity.

(Friday Night Lights reference)
Craw: just called a lyla on the phone
told her the credit card was declined...i was just happy to say the name lyla
Dub J: hahah ms garrity
Craw: if i had a daughter and named it lyla...would you just shake your head
Dub J: haha no i'd shake my head if you named a son "tim riggins crawford"
Craw: these are my boys, tim riggins matt saracen and smash crawford
Dub J: smash crawford - just a bulldozer
Craw: i would almost craft a name so he could be called smash
Craw: then coach pee wee football and implant the nickname into his respective peers heads
Dub J: so diabolical
Craw: stevey smash
Dub J: it just might work
Craw: it could

Craw: just remembered i took 2 flowers out of one of the pots for me and vince to hand out to 2 girls outside the bar this weekend...the bouncer just laughed and said "really fellas?"
Dub J: my god
what a weird weekend
saw it coming the whole time
(not so proud of that one)

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