Friday, September 24, 2010

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How Much V-Neck Is Too Much V-Neck?

^this picture is REALLY creeping me out.

So, this post is just creating a very sketch scene around these parts. By these parts I mean my office desk. If someone walks by and sees me feverishly typing something associated with this picture, they may make some assumptions--main one being, that I would rock a V that deep in public (not the assumption that I'm silly goose!). On the reals though, this shirt is fucking ridiculous. My nips would be cold as shit if the slightest of breezes comes by. Like right now, it's casual-Friday up in the employment location and yes I'm rocking a mini-V. These are respectable to a certain degree. That respect dies when people see that the shirt is salmon as well, but I'm a god damn rockstar so it doesn't matter.

I'm the type of guy that if I don't come up with a cool trend, I will trash, maim, and try my best to make it seem awful until I break down and do it. Like I did with Yo-Yos, Tamagotchis, and fucking Pogs, I did the same thing with V-necks. Now I have like 8 V-Necks that match the spectrum of a Double Rainbow. Am I getting judged? Are these looks that I think are "I want you looks" actually, "look at this loser with his 4th V-Neck of the week..and it's only Tuesday"?

It's fine. The crux of being a stud I guess. I'm a huge hater as well, so it's actually COMPLETELY fine if these looks are pure ridicule. The nature of the universe I guess.

What the fuck up weekend?!

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  1. Mack said... September 24, 2010 at 7:53 PM

    I really dont get the issue here, i think she looks good

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