Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Moments When You Should Put Down The Bleu Cheese

I'm confused about the whole, this chick got shot by a harpoon and survived thing. Aren't harpoons some serious weapons? Like if you shoot a harpoon gun, you have a good chance of dying.

So needless to say, this chick is probably not going to "diet" ever. Basically she's going to keep breaking barriers for fat people. On her way to becoming a habitual line-stepper. "Oh I survived a harpoon? How would I do around explosions?" Long story short, we're going to have fat people fuckin' around with TNT and A-Bombs.

With my steady diet of Dub Cheesys and newly instated Chicken Teriyaki, you best believe the kid will be dabbling in explosives very soon.

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