Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Who Didn't Get It More?

Well let me stick on this footlong chin and get on my Jay Leno shit right now.

Who steals tires?! Like, an entire ball of confusion with that image. Impressive too. There are roughly 25 tires on this sedan and this car did not look in good shape. Why you don't steal the car and not the tires? Maybe the stereo, or the god damn muffler? I don't know what muffler's even do, but I bet they go for more than a shredded piece of rubber.

Let me tell you about this Chocolate Bunny. Shit's big. You can get an army of candy loving children, two Craws, and me in the background chippin' pieces off and making s'mores and we wouldn't put a dent in this thing. Small towns are all over the wall, so frankly, I'm not surprised at this error. They just don't get it. It's almost endearing.

Moral of the story: society is not in a good place right now. 2012, rapidly approaching.

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