Monday, September 20, 2010

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Dub Jeezy's Big Day

Who's this? Oh just co-blogger Dub Jeezy walking on water after a sensational Sunday. It was like he met up with Harry Potter to snatch some liquid luck. I've never seen such a tremendous day from the sidelines.

It all starts around 10:30 am when we head out to our old man flag football game. Dub J gets out the NFL gloves and flashy cleats. I proceed to make jokes...He turns to inform me that I've never witnessed "the quicks." What are the quicks? The quicks...I later found out were his 678 yards and 4 TD's in a flag football game (as I slip, slide and drop passes in my New Balance Sneakers)

We then head back to the house for the highly anticipated Patriots vs. Jets game (what should've been my moment...god damnit). Turns out New York not only racked up more than 3 first downs but 28 points...Another tack on the board for Dub J.

At this point I'm steaming...just livid. I walk into the kitchen (still in my Tom Brady jersey...defeated) where the Kid himself (glowing) is flipping burgers, chopping veggies and blending milkshakes like a pro...just throwing together some family dinner us ordinary roommates. How can I be this jealous while crushing a delicious medium-well burger topped with melted cheese, lettuce, onions and tomato.

Sunday, September 19, 2010...Dub Jeezy's Big Day.

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