Thursday, September 9, 2010

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Early Flaws in Fall

After shedding light on the number of inevitable summer issues I thought I'd share what to prepare for as the fall season approaches. Why am I quick to point out the negatives? Well because it's simply what I do. So everyone loves the idea of autumn in the midst of September, but let’s see where you’re at when you get wind of some of these problems.

Additional sneezing...Once you thought the allergy rush of summer has finally ended...time to enter in a whole new world of coughs and grunts among other generally unpleasant noises. I think I've sneezed a total of 450 times over the last two days. How am I supposed to sit at my desk for nine hours when I'm dealing with the constant running faucet of ooze that is now my nose.

Getting out of the shower...There's no escaping it. Every morning before work you have to clean up, but the fall brings that cold morning air that makes you cringe as you scurry to throw layers on. You know what I'm talking about. Only gets worse come January. You could always leave the heat on all night, but not when you live in an apartment with four other dudes that make no more money than you do.

Daily commute...Almost doubled. Enjoy getting stuck behind school buses as the kids pile on one by one.

Shorter days...A subtle flaw but definitely present. Another sign that the dreadful times of winter are upon us. So enjoy the foliage and crisp air in the next few months, but you can't say I didn't warn you when shit starts to hit the fan.

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