Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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How Pumped Would You Be To Go To School If This Was The Mural Outside?

Hell, how pumped would you be to go to work if this was the shit on the front door? Just ready to wall-stomp that Green Shelled turtle, grab it and chuck it down the street. I'd probably wall-snag that Star as well and just coast through the workday. Imagine being "invincible" throughout the entire workday. Refusing to send faxes, breaking the copy machine, and spitting in people's coffee would be my M.O. on Starman day.

Of course you have to take the good and the bad though. So you also have to deal with that Goomba behind you, that fireball, and that Red Shell raging face on your evening commute. Basically the equivalent of a dude bumping into you, your shit catching on fire, and tripping over a live turtle during your lunch break.

It's a magical world out there..we just have to have some dude paint a mural of it.

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