Thursday, September 9, 2010

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I Guess Hitler Snuck Onto An Episode Of Captain Planet?

Always been wary of Captain Planet and the various other superheroes that wear tights and are still effective. That doesn't happen. I'd be rearranging my business mid-air completely ignoring that the villain shot like 4 rockets and the series would be over 11 minutes into the first episode. But really? This show was out in like '93. Shows could pull all of those semi-racist/controversial/offensive stuff back in the 40s and 50s back when the country was racist, controversial, and offensive. I undoubtedly saw this episode because I was a nerd that stayed in and watched cartoons instead of going outside to play (with the exception of digging for bugs in the backyard). I bet my Mom poked her head in my room while I was watching this, dipped out, and just washed her hands of the situation.

Nothing like explaining why one of the most diabolical men in history was just chillin' with the Planeteers.

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