Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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College Is Losing Credibility And I'm LOVING It

School a la zombies? I'm in, you in? You better be in because this blog is like 45% centered on the zombie game. Just me accepting 2012 happening and you guys shaking your heads disappointed/upset/confused. That's basically the point of this blog. To disappoint, upset, and confuse you. If I'm not doing all three of those things every post, I'm straight not trying.

But moral of the story is this "Zombie 101" class that's going down at the presumed fake Baltimore University. Talk about college classes that I wanted to take. Like "What Not To Do In McDonalds 101" and "Bar Etiquette: Long Island Iced Teas" are pretty much the only classes I'd see that'd be more efficient or better. Learning how not to throw up and avoiding McGriddles.

Zombies, McDonalds, and Bar Stories..that's what WMD does!

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