Monday, March 8, 2010

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"I'm Pretty Sure Sharp Blades Are Supposed To Kill Your Enemy"

I'd classify myself as an "AV" kid. There will always be a part of me that will be connected with video games. I'll definitely be that guy playing games well into adulthood. Whether that has a direct correlation with me having a girlfriend/getting married or not is irrelevant.

Hey kid, I've been there. Donkey Kong Country 1, Winter of '96. That god-damn mine level where you had to make those timing jumps every two seconds. They made the first 56 of them really easy, but that last one required the skills of a ninja with telekinesis. Let me tell ya, Mom was not happy. I essentially locked myself in my room, missed lunch, dinner, breakfast, and potentially a second lunch because of that shit. Showers were absolutely out of the question. So what if a couple tears came out, it was for the love of the game. "Built character" if you will. But come on bro, you don't throw another guy's game.

No matter how frustrating the game is (Mega Man 1-12), you always have the off-switch or the quit option. Plus you're like 17 dude, diversify your bonds playa. I'm pretty sure you could have at least been chucking a Playstation or a Sega Saturn at this point..

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