Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Jillian Michaels Scares Me, But I Think I Kind Of Dig It?

"Hey Jill. Can I call you Jill? No? Ok. Whoa! I'm sorry, please take the boxing gloves off. Nooooooo"

Sure that's how the typical conversation might go between us and I am fully aware that this barely 5 foot mynx could create the finest of knuckle sandwiches, but she confuses me in a good way? I know I sound confused and am turning sentences that don't seem like they should be questions into questions, but I am watching "Biggest Loser" right now and my hormones are like the god damn stock market. Not because of the fatties (kiddingggg, this shit is inspiring)..ohhh golly, not because of them (seriously, it just went to commercial and played uber-dramatic music when a chick was going to climb like 4 stairs..ok I'll stop). It's because of my girl Jill(ian) that's why. Sure she has some man-ish aggression issues, but she looks pretty good to me. Plus I like a woman that can shape me up. Not physically, because I gets my swole on from time to time, but shape up my lifestyle. A woman that will slap the Dub Cheezy out of Dub Jeezy.

Basically a woman that'll rattle the cage a little bit.

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