Monday, March 8, 2010

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Allen Iverson Banned From Detroit And Atlantic City Casinos...And Addicted To Alcohol...Surprised?

The thing I'm surprised about is the fact that there are casinos in Detroit. I thought that place was on some barren wasteland shit. Kind of impressive, I guess.

Iverson, Iverson, Iverson. We all knew you were destined for a downfall, so this is not shocking to say the least. Everyone played the whole, "He's been doing it his way for years", "He never wanted to be part of the corporate NBA" card. He'd get into some spat with the coach, leave the team for like a week, come back and everything would be fine again. Just Iverson being Iverson. Oh, he threw his wife out of the house naked in front of his young child. Nah, that's what, um, everyone does...I think? What I am trying to say is, someone should have helped this dude a long time ago when the warning signs were apparent. Now he's well on that path to being that creepy guy at the bar playing video blackjack and talking to himself. I may be on that path too, but for different reasons. I loved A.I. back in the day. He was exciting, fearless, and played like a warrior. Plus he hogged the shit out of the ball, which I loved and emulated accordingly.

Stephen A. Smith, for some reason, I think you're the only person that may be Allen Iverson's friend. If you're reading this (like I am positive he is) please refer him to this blog. There are over 300 posts of mind-numbingly pointless things to read for hours on end. Most of it not making sense. It is a cheaper, less alcoholic alternative to gambling, and, well, alcohol. I still care as a fan A.I. and I write this blog to help people (LOL), so please, just give it a read.

PS. "" may be the greatest domain name of all time.

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