Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Starbury Dominating in China

Just thought I'd show a few seconds of Stephon Marbury punching in at work for the China Basketball Association. The former Minnesota, New Jersey, Phoenix, New York, Boston and now Shanxi Zhongyu Brave Dragon netted 30 points to lead his squad to victory in the league All-Star game this past weekend.

Not only did Marbury easily earn MVP rights here...but he did so in a way involving a trio of half court shots with a side of no look alley-oops. "I didn't expect anything before the game," he said. "I just wanted to have fun here. But I do think I made some impact on this game." Good to see China experience a different type of role model in their lives. Every kid on the street better own a pair of Starbury's after witnessing that kind of performance.

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