Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Bees Appear To Have Given Up In This Shoddy Place We Call A World

^funny thing is..he's probably dead.

Apparently Cali and Canada are the only places on the ball with the fact that bees just haven't been around for past 4 years. I kind of noticed a couple of years back, but I attributed it to global warming, like most of everything that goes wrong in my day. On a sad note, I've never been hit with a "don't know what you got until it's gone" like this in awhile. Granted, I hate the shit out of bees with a fiery passion, but they've been some pretty solid staples in my life. This is a thorough preparation for me when Shaquille O'Neal retires.

Nothing will be able to replicate the sheer terror I felt when I bee comes relatively close to my living space. The fact that I've never been stung before sums up the terror, but the thought that I won't have much of a challenge these days kind of puts a damper on my day...

It's like when Tupac died and Biggie realized how dumb their feud was. Yes, exactly like that.

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