Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Tiger Looks Forward to Return

Tiger Woods just recently sat down for an interview for the first time since his highly publicized Thanksgiving evening. "I'm excited to get back and play, I'm excited to get to see the guys again," he told ESPN's Tom Rinaldi. "I really miss a lot of my friends out there. I miss competing"

Woods plans to stage his comeback Thursday, April 8th at the annual Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA. Well...I know one thing's for sure. There are definite mixed emotions going on right now in regards to his return. Certain PGA Players are kicking themselves due to the short amount of time left for them to earn 2nd-rate checks and trophy's.

Golf is experiencing somewhat of a Michael Jordan effect the NBA suffered in the 90's. The league became wide open after Jordan decided to take swings and chew seeds in minor league baseball. The Houston Rockets prevailed, only for MJ to lace up again and solidify himself as the best to ever play the game.

PGA owners couldn't be more thrilled to have Tiger back. The 2010 Masters without a doubt will be the most watched golf tournament ever. Simply put...people enjoy witnessing greatness, and people love to settle in for a good comeback story. It's time for Woods to regain his spot at #1. To the others in the field succeeding through his absence...Sorry fellas, honeymoon's over.

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