Monday, March 22, 2010

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Sometimes That Chick That Chews Really Loud Across The Room Can Be REALLY Annoying

Every now and then you're sitting in class, obviously not paying attention to what the professor is saying, and you notice that person in the room that looks as if they are intentionally annoying you. They key into your number one pet peeve and put a figurative spotlight on it and you. It's fine because this class is almost over..right? Only like..55 more minutes?! What the hell? This twisted bitch better chill out before I create a god damn scene up in Macroeconomics. Chuckin' washable markers/laser pointers tossed everywhere, and magnetizing laptop screens. I know it doesn't take like 400 chews to put down an apple slice. How does no one notice this shit? Only..55 minutes..still?!? Did I go back in time or is that clock broken?

After my brief bout with PTSD, I have to say I full support everything that this girl did in that classroom.

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