Tuesday, March 16, 2010

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Mike Tyson Found a New Sport

Looks like the Baddest Man on the Planet Kid Dynamite is taking on a new hobby...thats right ladies and gentlemen...former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is next set to spread his wings and take flight in pigeon racing. He'll be featured in a reality show next year called "Taking on Tyson," which should closely follow his ventures through this "intenely competative and bizzarrely fascinating world."

This may become one of the most entertaining and compelling shows in reality TV history. I mean this is Mike Tyson Pigeon Racing!!! Here's how

I remember Tyson (WARNING: EXPLICIT MATERIAL). But apparently he's been raising pigeons his entire life. What? Expect Iron Mike to be assisted by a "colorful team" of pigeon experts as he competes with the five to six other bird racers existing in the world.

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