Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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Kurt Warner Killing 'Em Out There With The "Walk It Out" Dance

-props to the Juiceman for passing this video my way...

I've never seen a guy define the odds in more ways than Kurt Warner. From grocery bagger, to Super-Bowl, to decent looking wife, to kind-of-hot wife. It is extraordinary. A rags to riches story in every facet of life.

Think of what's going through Kurt's head at this point. Most would think, "oh snap, Kurt is simply out of his element here and that ref is killing him right now", but Kurt is just watching, looking for this guy's week point. He's clearly too overzealous and Kurt goes for the kill by slowing down the dance and virtually out-smoothing the guy to victory. It was like watching someone get dunked on in an "And-1" mixtape. Everyone just ran off the field. Truly spectacular.

We've found that he has a calling post-retirement.

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