Friday, March 19, 2010

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Annual "Every Team I Need To Win For My Bracket To Succeed Loses" Week

Do you get some sort of prize for getting every pick wrong? While I knew I was doing ok in my main bracket, I decided to check my other brackets. One of them is basically on life-support begging me to pull the plug. Sorry for that morbid statement, and that suicide hotline picture. It just seems to fit a little bit. When I saw this bracket, it was looks like I went to the future, saw everyone who lost, and put them on this bracket like one big joke. I need to take this off of immediately. I don't want to be featured on Dateline NBC a month from now as the kid that picked literally every game wrong. People sending me letters and shit hoping I could get help. Nuh Uh, not the life I am looking forward to.

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