Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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What we know:

1) a school bus managed to land (completely totaled) on top of what appears to be a Mexican barrio.

2) place is dirty as hell

What we don't know:

1) why the bus has no wheels

2) how many children are in the bus

3) how many frogs are in the bus (because they've been having a shit week anyway)


Apocalypse. That shit is coming at a pace none of us were ready for. Mad earthquakes, tsunamis, snow-hurricanes, volcanoes erupting, buses in barrios and news that they are in production for Transformers 3. The proof is in the pudding folks. We're screwed and I don't know what's going to take me out.

I'm pretty agile, so I can probably evade earthquakes and volcanic eruption, but tsunamis will probably mess me up a smidge. If buses are floating about, that can present a problem because I, like many people, don't want to turn the corner and get hit by a bus. It all comes down to me inevitably purchasing an overpriced ticket to the most over-advertised movie of late fall, Transformers 3. You can't go to that movie without being prepared for a spell of murder-suicide to come over you.

And please people..don't forget about the frogs. It's effecting them worse than us.

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