Thursday, March 25, 2010

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Would I Be The Coolest Kid On The Block If I Was The First Person To Enter The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter June 18th?

Shit looks magical. I'm not necessarily down with all the snow imagery, but I can look past that, much like I can look past glaring flaws on otherwise hot girls. I'm superficial, but only in regards to fantasy worlds that will take me out of the harsh reality of experiencing the steady grind of the work week. You can't come to the office and decide, "oh hey, I'm just going to grab the Firebolt and head to Dunkin'. Anyone need anything?", people are too sad, and most likely wouldn't even laugh at my hilarious HP reference.

Back to the task at hand. Yes, I'm 22. Yes, I know it'd be tough to explain to my employer why I am taking an entire week off to attend a "business meeting" he never assigned. These things are for me to worry about though. It may seem grim from your end, but I have a glimmering beacon of hope to guide me. The beacon being the faces of those little snot nosed kids as I am the first bad-ass to enter the WWoHP. Sure, they'll ask their parents why a certified adult (that's right, adult) is getting on all the rides before they can. It's because I want it more. I read the books before you can read junior and juniorettes. I'm going to be the guinea pig for all of these (potentially faulty) rides while you guys stand on the sidelines with your sippie cups wondering what could have been.

It took roughly 85 days, but I finally have my first New Year's Resolution..

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  1. PostScripter said... March 25, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    LOVE THIS! I'll be second in line!

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