Monday, March 1, 2010

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President's on a Beer Run

President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper each put a case of beer on the line for their respective countries Sunday during the Men's Hockey Gold Medal game at the Vancouver Olympics. Young phenom Sidney Crosby was able to find the net in OT to put his squad up 3-2, solidifying the W for Canada while forcing a beer run upon our nations leader. Harper is currently waiting for his 24 pack of Molson.

I urge you all to be on the look out for our President as he makes a trip to the packy. It's been rumored for him to make time between his 12:30 health care appointment and 3:30 youtube broadcast. Honestly though, how far down are you at the White House to receive the beer run assignment..."So yeah the Canadian Prime Minister, if you could send him a 24 pack of Molson that would be great. Fed Ex overnight preferred of course."

Now turning my attention to the actual game...That had to be one of the most epic contests in quite some time. I don't even watch hockey but I was glued to the screen for three periods yesterday. Canada nailed the post twice two minutes apart at the start of the third and kept the pressure on. It was unbelievable to see the U.S. stay alive through the block, giving Zach Parise the opportunity to net the tying goal with under a minute left in regulation.

Canada eventually claimed victory and the home crowd went wild to conclude what may go down as their most celebrated win in history.
Enjoy the brew on us Prime Minister.

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