Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Hilarious License Plates Get Me Every Time

Oh man. I have distinct memories of sitting in fourth grade class doodling some shit in my spiral notebook and putting Power Rangers stickers on my book bag, when all of a sudden, some high ranking official called my teacher out told her something outside, and it was on. By on, I mean she immediately turned on the television in the classroom and we watched a white Ford Bronco speeding down the highway to what felt like eternity.

Yes, the only thing we watched in class prior to that was "Reading Rainbow" (click that please..thanks) or some Scholastic News type of jib-jab. My two career classroom TV experiences were Reading Rainbow and the OJ Bronco chase. Ah, the NYC public education system. If you looked around the classroom, you can see like 20+ 8 and 9 year olds just sitting there confused as balls, but ultimately content with the lack of teaching and the teacher watching intently like her whole life rode on this moment. I was flabbergasted.

I'm glad to see that the white Bronco still commands some respect in 2010.

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