Friday, March 5, 2010

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Reason #3749568736 I Miss College

EMBED-Guy in Chicken Suit Pranks Wrong Class - Watch more free videos

Leave it to a teacher beating the shit out of a guy in a chicken suit to really bring me back to the good ol days. Gone are the days I would bring my laptop to class and watch episodes of Greek 24 in the back, see my aced midterm exam and walk out.

Also gone are my opportunities for dudes in hilarious farm animal costumes to surprise and amuse me in the middle of a most assuredly boring lecture. That shit doesn't happen in the office! Just bad jokes and agreed upon misery. That's it. Live it up this weekend, because each day I die a little more.

Okay, okay...wayyy too depressing. You know the kid Dub Jeezy will be out there losing his mind making a fool of himself and ruining shots with respectable women all weekend. Pfft, nothing can keep me down.

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